Our Work Environment

At Charlton House, we strive to encourage a positive work environment for our employees. We understand that in order to do their best, people have to feel their best. That’s why we’re dedicated to treating our employees like family and providing them with the support they need.

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What to Expect


Continual Learning

The industry we work in is at the forefront of technological change and is constantly evolving. In order to keep up with the latest trends, it’s our duty to constantly learn. At Charlton House, we provide our employees with multiple opportunities to grow and learn—from interacting with different clients to learning about new systems and technologies.


Open Communication

At Charlton House, we promote open discussions that encourage our employees to get involved and contribute their ideas and opinions. Our goal is for all employees to feel valued and appreciated. When you work with us, you can expect honesty, openness, and flexibility from our leaders

Collaborative Work

Charlton House strives to create a strong community and encourage teamwork. Often, the work we do takes a collaborative effort and is not so individualistic. Ultimately, our mission is to use our skills and talents to take our clients into digital transformation.

Support and Encouragement

We want our employees to feel like they have a strong and steady support system at work. We believe that our people should be happy working at Charlton and feel like they can grow with us and progress in their careers. We ensure to celebrate successes, support our team, and encourage making mistakes and learning from them. This way, we make sure our team can deliver fantastic results.

Grow with Our Team of Professionals

At Charlton House, we’re dedicated to further developing the industry and the way people currently work—including ourselves. We encourage teamwork, provide opportunities to grow, and strive to continually improve our work ethic and knowledge.

Does Charlton House sound like the kind of company you’d want to work for? Please reach out to us; we’d love to hear from you!

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