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At Charlton House we are all about helping businesses effortlessly transition into an era of greater digital agility. We’ll guide you through the three stages of your journey towards establishing a true digital adoption capability across your organisation.

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Getting Started

When a DAP is used in a single system for guidance, engagement, and automation, processes run smoother, resulting in a more seamless experience for end-users. But when you use a DAP at scale and more strategically, the benefits are greater ROI in both cashable and non-cashable forms.

The Early Stages

We start out by working with you to build a business case and understand your business needs and problems. We then talk you through our 3 stage process and how a DAP capability can help. From this point we can begin to lay the groundwork for the creation of a Centre of Excellence (CoE), and the delivery of an early Pilot or Proof of Concept (PoC).

The Middle Stages

After running the pilot, the expected ROI for a scaled solution is established. Having measurable value and a compelling case for change early on is key to gathering wider momentum for change.  At this stage we’ll work with you to establishing an enterprise ‘Value Framework’, a ‘Citizen Builder’ enablement programme and begin to roll out best practice use of other key features of your DAP.

The Final Stages

Once the bow wave is established and new ways of working have become more widely accepted and endorsed through the evidence of value, the focus shifts to sustaining the digital adoption capability in the long term. Effectively sustaining the capability means your organisation can function, survive, and thrive through disruption without the need for external support. At this stage we work with you to establish a self-sustained and cost-neutral Centre of Excellence (CoE) and make sure that the capability is leveraged in the long term by including it in future budgeting, planning and forecasting.



Create a plan

for your organisation’s approach to creating a digital adoption capability.



potential projects for MVP/PoC style small deployments to prove out value.

Form your CoE

and agree a RACI to implement your plan.

Communicate to users

about the new capability, including how it is applied and what technology features are available.

Evaluate success

of your MVP/POC(s) to form the basis of a larger potential business case.

Ascertain a list

of ‘Product’ groups to focus effort towards a more significant deployment across multiple apps/modules.

Continuously measure

your new-found enterprise capability value realisation.


to scale to major platforms and E2E workflows across your organisation.


your live content and continue to communicate to and support your end user community with dedicated support services.

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Working with Charlton House and implementing our unique approach to creating the Digital Adoption Capability will allow your organisation react to problems and disruptions more quickly than organisations that do not use a DAP – giving you a genuine competitive edge.

We’ll work closely with you to create an impactful DAP Centre of Excellence (CoE) which will ensure your business is able to realise greater long term value from your digital transformation initiatives.

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