Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) provide guidance to users on how to perform tasks and functions using a software application (such as Oracle, SAP, or Dynamics). Through a combination of proactive engagement, in-application guidance and process automation the technology seamlessly engages users in business processes.

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Streamline the Digital Workplace

Through seamless interaction between employees and enterprise management platforms, a DAP enables employees to gain competency with contextual assistance during intricate processes and tasks.

Boost Employee Productivity

A DAP provides visual and statistical insight into user actions and behaviour to pinpoint obstacles and implement solutions.

Accelerate Training & Reduce Support Costs

Through guided walk-throughs and contextual guidance, a DAP simplifies the adoption of systems and processes (like Office 365 user adoption), eliminating the need for training or relying on users to remember odd tasks.

What Is a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital Adoption Platforms transform the user experience by bridging the gap between humans and technology. Through insights, session replays, guidance, and automation, a DAP accelerates customer adoption of mobile and web products, increasing retention, reducing support, and driving revenue growth — all without taxing high-value development resources.

By combining the innovation of an industry pioneer with enterprise security, the platform from our partners push the boundaries of digital adoption with breakthrough algorithms, complex personalisation, and predictive capabilities.

DAPs promote user adoption of technology in a number of ways:

  • Automate aspects of user onboarding.
  • Provide in-app software training and guidance.
  • Collect and analyse usage data.
  • Provide proactive support to address any user issue.


Easy-to-integrate with the tools you are already using.

Great User Experience

Optimises the user experience and provides instant guidance for your employees and customers.

Data-Driven Digital Adoption

Receive actual user data as a foundation for your digital adoption strategy.

How does it work?

DAPs adapt software to meet the needs of your employees and users. Using patented technology, an invisible overlay is placed on top of all your applications, providing insight into user behaviour and enabling you to create in-app experiences that enable your users to be more productive and efficient.

Using DAP data analytics you can gain an insight into what is working and what isn’t. By identifying problem areas and providing users with guidance, you can encourage them to complete tasks efficiently, resulting in achieving their objectives. A system that is easy to use, is a system that will get used!

Benefits of using a dAP

  • Drive adoption, engagement, and full value realisation of your digital assets
  • Boost your self-service take up
  • Accelerate time-to-competency during onboarding
  • Reduce resistance to change by simplifying the user experience
  • Ensure data validation and integrity
  • Remove empty system clicks and automate mundane tasks
  • Improve end to end workflows by identifying, tracking, and analysing obstacles
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